After Moving Day…

"Red Rock Coulee:the Sweetgrass Hills of Montana at sunset"

S.S.W of Red Rock Coulee:the Sweetgrass Hills of Montana at sunset

Welcome to my new website! Like the weeks after moving into a new home, you could say that I have not quite settled down yet. The graphic designer has yet to complete my logo, the printers have yet to confirm my account, my galleries are far from complete… But I can’t wait any longer. Many details are still to be dealt with, but with an back-log of photographs and ideas building, and a pile of books to review,  I have to kick-start this website now before I begin pulling my hair out.

Make yourself at home. Please roam around and explore. See what I’m about. Visit the rooms, peek in the closets and check the views from the windows. Tell me what you like and what you can’t abide. Tell me about dead links and dead ends, leaky pipes and strange smells. While you do that, I’ll fuss around in the background and try to get this new house set-up to make it a real home, a place where you will be comfortable to stay and sit for a while, where we can chat over a brew and discuss all that is good in Alberta and in the wider world — all that inspires hope,  beauty, wonder and a sense of belonging.

Thanks for visiting, an I hope to see you again soon.

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