Lightroom 4. It’s Different. Don’t worry, be happy!

I have just upgraded my Lightroom 3.6 software to the new Lightroom 4. I began working on it this afternoon, and I noticed a few changes. Now I am not a ‘power user’ by any means, but I do want to get the most out of the program that I have supported since (the rather expensive!) version 1.0.

To start with, I immediately noticed quite a few changes in the Develop module. First, there is an option for ‘Soft Proofing’; all the sliders start at ‘0’ and, most shocking to me, the easy to understand ‘Fill Light’ and ‘Recovery’ sliders have vanished! Did I panic? Well, …almost! But a quick search turned up the very helpful videos at the Adobe TV, and the following video helped with all my initial confusion.


I hope that helped you as well. Visit the Adobe TV channel for more information, and I’ll share more as I work through any new sticky points in the program.

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