Book Tip: Social Media Marketing

"Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers by Lawrence Chan"

Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers by Lawrence Chan. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

 Breaking into the new world of digital photography can be a real challenge. Many of the old parameters that made photographers successful have had to be bent, reconfigured or completely removed.  Marketing now revolves around your web presence and your social media skills. How do you navigate the ever shifting map of Web 2 (or is it 3?)? Lawrence Chan has the answer.

 Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers was written to guide you through the social web. Lawrence begins by defining the different aspects of Social Media and the platforms they are sustained by. He has chapters on strategic planning, defining your audience and creating powerful content. He leads you through the channels, programs and hosts that make social networking possible. He includes a bit of old world marketing: the need to convince your audience that good photography is a luxury worth investing in. How do you convince your audience you are worth it ? You must develop your professionalism through your brand and use your brand to create evangelists for your  photography.

 Conversational and broad in its approach, Social Media Marketing for Digital Photographers is a great book to bring you into the mainstream of social media marketing.

N.B. Disclosure: My copy of the book was provided free of charge by the Senior Publicist – Technology, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. As a green blogger, I recommend that all books be obtained through your local library first prior to consideration for purchase. Please see my disclaimer in the sidebar.

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