Cape Spear, Newfoundland.

"Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site"

The ‘new’ lighthouse, built in 1955.

The Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site has two lighthouses, including the oldest remaining lighthouse in Newfoundland.

The old Cape Spear Lighouse

From the Newfoundland/Labrador tourism site:

Perched on a rugged cliff at our continent’s most easterly point lies Cape Spear Lighthouse – the oldest surviving lighthouse in the province and an iconic symbol of Newfoundland and Labrador’s mariner history.

Constructed in 1836, the Cape Spear Lighthouse represents the unique architecture of lighthouse construction during this era. The structure consists of a stone light tower surrounded by the lightkeeper’s residence. In 1955 a new lighthouse tower was built on the site using the active light from the original lighthouse.

The human side of Cape Spear tells the story of the Cantwell family. Generations of this famous family of lightkeepers resided at Cape Spear for over 150 years and worked tirelessly to maintain a light so vital to mariners. Step inside the restored lighthouse and discover the true life of a 19th-century lighthouse keeper.

Journey back in time and explore the remnants of the sites World War II coastal defence battery – Fort Cape Spear. Walk in the footsteps of Canadian and American soldiers as they guarded St. John’s from attack from lurking German U-boats.

For the naturalist, Cape Spear will overload your senses with ocean vistas of crashing waves, feeding whales and majestic icebergs. The site also provides an entry point to the breathtaking East Coast Trail.

We had a great day at this location. Later in the afternoon we were fortunate enough to experience  dense fog passing through the area, so the fog horns began sounding regularly.  The blare of the horns combined with the crash of the waves on the rocks below, the calls of seabirds and the stiff salt-water breeze deeply embraced us in Newfoundland’s maritime arms.

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