Interview in PhotoEd

Not my cover! I'm inside...

Not my cover! I’m inside…

An interview I had earlier this year is now an article at PhotoEd Magazine. PhotoEd is a Canadian magazine aimed at educational institutions and features established and up-and-coming Canadian photographers. It’s a good article with excellent photo reproductions and  am very pleased with the results. Below is a glimpse of the article, which features my macro photography work. The magazine can be purchased at Chapters/Indigo or through subscription at PhotoEd. I will also have free copies available for anyone who attends the next few small-group workshops.

img011img009 img008-001Spring/Summer 2013 PhotoEd Magazine

When Felix Rosso sent his questionnaire he included the following statement, which not only goes to the heart of why I began blogging, but speaks to all photographers and artists and any one else who has taken the path of self-directed learning:

“I like your logo quote “Splendour awaits.” (“…mysterious and little known organisms live within walking distance of where you sit. Splendor awaits in minute proportions.”) It does not come to us – we need to search it out. Your self-directed learning is inspiring – education is too important an endeavour to put in the hands of others. I have been in education for over 40 years and have always recognized the power of the individual following his/her interests. “

“It does not come to us – we need to search it out.”

Words to live by. Thanks Felix!

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