Book View — Beyond Auto Mode by Jennifer Bebb

9781118172872_cover.inddMystified by the dials on your DSLR? Have you ever wondered why so many choices are available, when Auto seems to work for most situations?

Released early in 2013, Beyond Auto Mode by Jennifer Bebb is a good guide for beginner photographers who want to get more out of their DSLR’s, showing how to  take control of the camera rather than the camera doing all the thinking for you. Jennifer is an award winning wedding photographer based in Vancouver, Canada, and she brings her experience and passion into this book.

Jennifer begins by explaining the three essentials of exposure, how they influence the photograph and then how they work together to achieve good results. She moves on to metering the light using different modes and how to work with different types of light. In the second part the book, Jennifer goes through the different semi-automatic and manual modes, explaining when and where to use them for the best results. Part three introduces the reader to composition, photoraphing portraits and life events as well as places and things. Finally, she ends with how to use flash and other types of accessories.

Beyond Auto Mode  is filled with photographs to illustrate what is being taught in the text, and will be most satisfying to those whose leanings are towards portraiture and weddings.  This would be a good book to uses hand-in hand with your camera manual, and it should soon have you spinning the dials and controlling your exposures with confidence by the time you’ve turned to the last page.

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