Fortnight on Friday

Railway Reflection

♦ Every winter I imagine myself pursuing new creative projects and catching-up with a backlog of work. And the following spring I realize that the winter’s potential has been lost on both. The digital age has sped everything up with a corresponding increase on demands for time: social media contributions and more requests for volunteer work, donations… is it any wonder that I soon yearn for my extended field-trips? Being off-line and alone, pursuing your passion, can help renew the frayed mind and contribute to creativity. But should I wait for those annual trips? Can I learn to ‘isolate’ myself without escaping into the wilderness and without alienating myself from society?  Check out the latest article by Guy Tal:

 Photography is especially suited to bridging the technology-driven world with innate human desire for self expression. And yet, photography is not immune to the same social forces that promote conformity over creativity in other areas, which requires creative photographers to diligently isolate themselves on occasion, to protect the wellspring of their own creativity.

Read Guy Tal’s latest blog post for more.


♦ Updates on the state of my life in photography:

◊ I am in the process of finalizing a macro photography article on bug photography for PhotoLife magazine. It should be appearing in the  February/March 2014 issue.

◊ The workshop page has been updated! New Small-group Workshops are now on the Winter 2013 schedule, and, of course, for those who prefer personalized one-on-one learning, customized workshops are also available.

◊ I am also currently outlining courses for Grant MacEwan University, with the chance of running a nature photography and a macro course on the Spring/Summer 2014 Continuing Ed. calendar. It will be nice to be able to move my workshops beyond the entomology community, and out into the eye of the general public–and it will provide me with another great  learning opportunity as well.

◊ And saving the best for last — I’m preparing a two-part one-on-one macro workshop for a young teenager for Northern Alberta’s Make-a-Wish Foundation. I am looking forward to this a great deal, knowing that I can help a young person achieve their dream. It’s also good to see how some teens seem so well grounded…what other conclusion can I draw from a 17 year old requesting to enter the fascinating world of macro photography?


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