Railway Decay

Detail on an old railway carriage.

Detail on an old railway carriage.

My main use for macro is nature photography, particualry the phtography of insects, spiders and other invertebrates. But macro is good for bringing out the detail in almost anything. In this case a simple painted bolt in an old railway carriage, with the paint flaking, and the  underlying wood now in decay.

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  1. Ms S 31 July, 2014 at 12:36 am #

    Nice! Very effective contrast in textures and choice of image. The paint on the bolt still looks thick and rich, while it is slowly giving up the ghost on the wood. The image is evocative and speaks to me to the tension between the relentless march of decay (dust to dust) and the strength of the imposed man-made materials–the bolt and veneer of paint.
    At least that’s what I get from it. 🙂