Ring of Fire

Ring of fire

Ring of fire lens-flare around a pine tree. Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

Lens flare is popular enough that some photographers are resorting to Photoshop and other tricks to create it. In the image above we see an example of natural lens flare creating a halo around the sun. As can be seen, this ‘ring of fire’ effect is caused by the light source directly centered in the lens. Modern lenses are well coated to prevent flare, and in the image below, even a slight tilt in the camera angle (in this case to accentuate the sky) plus a larger aperture, made the ring flare vanish.

Sunrise behind lone pine, Cypress Hills Provincial Park

Sunrise behind a lone pine, Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

Details: Canon 5D Mk.II with  24-105mm f4 L IS USM lens (at 105mm). Top image: ISO 640, 1/30 sec. @ f16. Bottom: ISO 640, 1/80 sec. @ f11. 17 September 2011. Both images are available online.

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