Dawn is fleeting: wait for it.

I was going to visit Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton’s river valley with a friend and we decided to leave early to see if we could capture the city in the early morning light. I was a bit late and the sky was cloudy. At first, it seemed that conditions would not be right, such that soon after I arrived at the north-facing viewpoint, three other photographers were already packing-up to leave. I set-up anyway, seeing that the clouds moving on the eastern horizon were beginning to shred. Although not as spectacular as some city shots, this at least shows that waiting during sunrise and sunset moments can pay off. The timeframe is short, so why not?

8:42 AM

8:42 AM. Soon after setting up and the sky is at its most colourful.


8:59 AM

8:59 AM The intense colour is gone, but still an interesting sky, like a tidal wave about to engulf the city.


9:01 AM

9:01 AM. Still golden.


9:03 AM

9:03 AM. Warm light on the city, but the golden clouds have faded.



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