New York?

Having had a few weeks to think about it, and spending some time looking through the photographs that I took through those 7 days in April, I have come to the conclusion that New York is a Big Thing.

St Patrick’s and Atlas

We were not typical visitors. My wife was attending a seminar there, and I came along for company. I am not a city person, and I find crowds and noise to be highly frustrating, so I had no great expectations. We were also on a self-imposed budget, wanting to get the most out of the city with Broadway, Liberty (Statue of,) dining and shopping not high on our list of things to do. Our home base was the Hudson Hotel and our program consisted mostly of museums and Central Park, with the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle being our main source of meals.

Central Park

How did this prairie person perceive the Big Apple? Busy, busy, all the time. People friendlier than I expected, even in Harlem and on the subway platform. Great architecture and architectural details in the older buildings. A bright and blooming Central Park. But all this was tempered by views of street-sleepers and quiet panhandlers. Armies of men my age doing mind-numbing, soul-destroying street-level jobs. Veterans running food carts, others begging. Sidewalks busy, all the time.

Suitably, the anti-Trump sentiment was visible everywhere.

Penned scientists and supporters gather on Central Park West.

The first New York March for Science and was on our (and his) door-step… (see video at

But the museums! It’s amazing what dazzling art and artefacts a few millionaires and billionaires can pull together! Line-ups and crowds notwithstanding…


The highlight of the trip — and perhaps the only peaceful place in New York — the amazing Cloisters.

The Cloisters

New York is a big thing — big, bold and brash. I found it hard to get inspired, but what few interesting photos I did take I will share over the next few weeks.



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