Born in Canada, but of Dutch descent, my life has been influenced by early travels with a constantly moving family. Since my birth in Regina, Sask. we moved continuously (at least 13 addresses and 9 schools) through Canada and South Africa until I reached the age of 17 when we settled down in Edmonton, Alberta. While my education is in horticulture and landscaping, my heart has always been in nature and photography, which I have been engaged in professionally since 2008.

I am a freelance photographer, instructor, and writer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. While my professional interests lie in landscape, nature, and macro photography, I am also interested in a diversity of other photographic topics including urban, historic, documentary, environmental portraiture, and conservation photography.  I use this blog as a general interest photography magazine through which I share all my photographic interests and experiences — always eclectic and sometimes eccentric.

I have written for Photo Life Magazine and was interviewed by PhotoEd magazine. I have provided courses and presentations for the Alberta Gov. (Agriculture), MacEwan University and the Ellis Bird Farm, and have taught various scientists and technicians through home-based workshops. See Résumé for more details.

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