Wind Power

Every time I do a tour of southern Alberta, I find that the number of wind turbines have grown. Sprouting like massive metallic blooms on crests of hills, these are part of the path that will eventually take us to an oil-free energy economy. See more wind turbine photos at the updated Wind Power gallery.

Wind Farm (west of Pincher Creek, Alberta)

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Less attachment leads to better images

Have you ever been disappointed by an image you have taken? Have you ever struggled to Photoshop an image to make it meet the first great expectations you had for it? Are you on the verge of giving-up on photography all together? I have done all this, but let’s stop for a moment and consider this advice from Mike Browne …

I’ve been working on (slightly tongue-in-cheek) posts on how to apply the Buddhist Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path to photography, so it came as a distinct pleasure to come across this video by Mike Browne (hat-tip to DIY Photography) who essentially says that to improve your photography skills, and to avoid constant disappointment, your must learn to be less attached to your images. I am not Buddhist, but I am willing to admit that many of the teachings for life have practical applications for growth, and non-attachment is one of them.

And after watching the above, you may want to subscribe to Mike Browne on YouTube. He has a wealth of helpful videos for amateur and advanced photographers alike.

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Milky Way over Writing-on-Stone

While the next few months will largely dedicated to developing new material for workshops, I am also hoping to catch up with a huge backlog of photographs from previous years.Here’s one from Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park taken in September, 2011: a nighttime exposure showing part of the Milky Way over the hoodoos.

Adrian Thysse Photography: Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park &emdash; Milky Way over Hoodoos

(Canon EOS 5D Mark II,  24-105mm f4 L IS USM lens @ 24 mm. ISO 1600, f/5.6 @ 30sec.)

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Waiting behind the barn…

Eyes within eyes...

Eyes within eyes…

A crowd of people were snapping shots of the horses as they were led to the barn, where they were placed in stalls with some feed. While they were being brushed down, I wandered around the building to find these windows, and the horse that would look up occasionally to peer outside.

Fort Edmonton, 14 September 2014.

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Ellis Bird Farm Photography Workshops

Two repeat workshops are happening at the lovely Ellis Bird Farm in August!

For new and prospective owners of a DSLR, this workshop will help you understand your camera and how to use it. We will cover camera functions and handling as well as provide information on lenses, equipment and accessories. Then, we will work on understanding exposure, composition and techniques: all the skills needed to create the photographs you imagine. The afternoon session will include practice sessions on the grounds of the Ellis Bird Farm. If you already have a DSLR and other equipment, please bring it, otherwise some loaner equipment will be available for use.

  • AM Intro to the DSLR, Equipment and Accessories.
  • PM Understanding Exposure. Basic Skills, Composition,Techniques and Practice.
For photographers who already own a DSLR and are familiar with manual exposure, this workshop will introduce you to the fascinating world of close-up and macro photography. We will look at specialized equipment and accessories as well as simple ways to achieve great results, no matter what type of DSLR you own. Then, we will work on techniques to overcome the inherent difficulties of magnified photography. We will do an overview of basic composition and have opportunities to practice macro photography on the beautiful grounds of the Ellis Bird Farm. Some loaner equipment and accessories will be available. As a minimum, please bring your camera and lens, and if you have them, a macro lens, an external flash and tripod.
  • AM Equipment and Accessories, Understanding exposure.
  • PM Techniques with Natural Light and Flash, Composition and Practice.

Sign up here!

Ellis Bird Farm


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Railway Decay

Detail on an old railway carriage.

Detail on an old railway carriage.

My main use for macro is nature photography, particualry the phtography of insects, spiders and other invertebrates. But macro is good for bringing out the detail in almost anything. In this case a simple painted bolt in an old railway carriage, with the paint flaking, and the  underlying wood now in decay.

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