Art Show at Devonian Gardens

I’ve been invited back to Rooted: Perspectives on the Natural World, the art show and sale at Devonian Gardens. It’s this Sunday and the weather looks promising!

Rooted III Perspectives on the Natural World

Hope to see you there!

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Showy Asclepias


I came across a plot of this showy milkweed (Asclepias speciosa)  while exploring the Devonian Botanic Garden just west of Edmonton. They were in a section of the garden called ‘Plants of Alberta’, just on the north side of the Calla Water (see map). I have to say that I was impressed–no dainty wildflowers these! They are strong upright plants with silvery green foliage and I would love to have a patch of these in our sunny front garden, even if they were not in bloom. They can grow to 5′ tall and seem to be tolerant of a wide variety of conditions from moist to dry. These are the go-to plants for Monarch butterflies, a rarity in Alberta, but it will still draw in many other insects and hummingbirds to feed on nectar. Destined for my garden very soon!

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Garden Visitor

Young squirrels have begun entertaining us in the garden this year.

Lovely back-lighting as it basks in the sun.

Lovely backlighting as it basks in the sun.

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Up and running…

Up and running…not the cars, but the Metal Fatigue gallery!

honk, honk!

honk, honk!

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Heavy Metal Fatigue


This year, most of my photography has been directed at macro in nature, but I did manage one trip outside my usual boundaries when I went to Aldon Auto with photographer Larry Jang of J2 Studios on April 29.

Aldon Auto has a huge 99 acre lot covered with salvaged vehicles dating at least as far back as 1945.  We headed for the oldest section of the lot to find the those vehicles. Because we started after 10 AM, the light was not ideal, but the blue skies and scudding clouds still provided good opportunities for some interesting photos. A gallery of my favourite photos should be completed soon.

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Red-winged Blackbird

A new collection of documentary photographs taken in Elk Island National Park in 2010, can now be seen at my Zenfolio site. This is the first batch of many that I will be uploading, as I begin the process of cloud-based storage.

A Male Red-winged Blackbird ( Agelaius phoeniceus) proclaims.

A Male Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) proclaims.

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