Edmonton Exhibit: China Through the Lens of John Thomson

I should have mentioned this earlier, but better late than never! Still a month to go with an exhibition of photos by traveller and photographer John Thomson, now on display in downtown Edmonton. University of […]

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The photo you have vs. the photo you wanted

When you understand photography and your camera intimately, you are more likely to get the photographs you want. Newcomers to photography are often disappointed by their results because the excitement provided by the subject has […]

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Photography and Composition

This is the first part of a free course for beginners who want to increase their understanding of image composition. Almost every workshop I hold has a composition component which I tie into the subject […]

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Free Nik Image Editing Software

I few years ago I purchased the Nik software suite, which includes six plug-ins for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements (excluding the HDR), Lightroom, and Aperture. Now Google is now offering this software free, which is a price […]

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Thoughts on the first days of spring.

Winter is over. Officially, that is, but I still have winter in the mind. I live in Edmonton in central Alberta, where winter is usually a reliable solid blanket that is not frayed by the […]

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Wedding Album update

I was surprised to find Kristen and Greg’s public wedding on Zenfoio was no longer displaying images at all. This has been corrected and the slim public gallery is now open for viewing again!

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