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Composition Principles: Hierarchy and Gradation

Previous post: Dominance or Emphasis. Gradation is a  gradual change, an increase or decrease in the strength of  visual elements such as value (brightness or darkness), color, saturation, clarity, texture or sharpness. Gradation can add a feeling of […]

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Composition Principles: Dominance/Emphasis

Previous post: Composition Principles: Symmetry and Balance. Perhaps the most obvious principle of composition, dominance or emphasis can instantly create a focal point in your image. It is the largest, darkest,  brightest or most colourful aspect […]

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Photography on Sunday

A new weekly newsletter, where I will share all things photographic that cross my path and that intersect with my interests. ◊ Canon has just released the latest in the full-frame EOS 5D series, the […]

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Edmonton Photowalk IV

The benefits of an early morning urban Photowalk are many, with great light and low traffic being among the top. We had started at about 6AM on the older edge of downtown and had worked our […]

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Principles of Composition

Previous article in this series: Finding the Frame The principles and elements of design first came to my attention years ago when I began studying horticulture and landscaping. We learned that there are certain concepts and […]

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Free Nik Image Editing Software

I few years ago I purchased the Nik software suite, which includes six plug-ins for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements (excluding the HDR), Lightroom, and Aperture. Now Google is now offering this software free, which is a price […]

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Winter is coming.

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Autumn Black and White

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