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Composition Principles: Dominance/Emphasis

Previous post: Composition Principles: Symmetry and Balance. Perhaps the most obvious principle of composition, dominance or emphasis can instantly create a focal point in your image. It is the largest, darkest,  brightest or most colourful aspect […]

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I couldn’t help myself…

Every year in July when the canola is in bloom, my wife wants to stop at each field to take photographs. I personally don’t like this harsh tone of yellow and have never been a fan […]

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Composition Principles: Symmetry and Balance

Previous: Principles of Composition Symmetry is from the Greek symmetria, meaning, “…agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement“. So while the original intent seems to be more about proportion–how a part relates to the whole– today many […]

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Edmonton Photowalk Final

A few more images from our 14 August Edmonton Photowalk. These have no connection to each other, just pleasing eye-catchers along the route.           The next post will be a continuation […]

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Canon 6D with Rokinon 85mm f1.4

This isn’t a full-fledged review, only a quick overview of a combination I have begun using. The Canon 6D is a full frame DSLR with respectable low-light capabilities. I wanted to add to this a fast […]

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Photography on Sunday

A new weekly newsletter, where I will share all things photographic that cross my path and that intersect with my interests. ◊ Canon has just released the latest in the full-frame EOS 5D series, the […]

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Edmonton Photowalk IV

The benefits of an early morning urban Photowalk are many, with great light and low traffic being among the top. We had started at about 6AM on the older edge of downtown and had worked our […]

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Edmonton Photowalk III

The posters advertise a recent release of the album Morning Report by the Arkells. I couldn’t resist playing with the perspective and repetition. This small building is attached to the Ernest Brown Block (1912) on […]

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