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Nature Photography Challenge III

Not the most popular on Facebook, but Day 3’s photo lives strong in my heart. I like how the sweep of the land is mirrored by the cloudy sky, and the warmth of the light […]

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Nature Photography Challenge I

I was invited to take the Nature Photography Challenge (one image a day for seven days) on Facebook by two friends, so I decided to go retro and post older images that were not bug […]

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Opal Spring

While HDR is a useful solution to dramatic lighting, nature often demands a more subtle touch. The crocus pushing through kinnickinnick was photographed at ground level from a tripod in cloud-diffused early morning light.

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A Flower for Mother’s Day

Spring in Alberta! On this Mother’s Day, one of the earliest conspicuous wild flowers is that of the Prairie Crocus, Anemone patens. It is subtle in colour, unlike the European pasque flower (Anemone pulsatilla) that is often seen in […]

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Red Rock Coulee Update

I have reworked some images, and added more, so the Red Rock Coulee gallery now has a new look. Some of the new images are subtler, placing more emphasis on the antediluvian atmosphere that permeates […]

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Red Rock Coulee

I’ve updated the Red Rock Coulee gallery. Many of the images made that day were during the evening when the red rocks were glowing in the warmth of a fiery sunset.    

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