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Tawatinaw Gallery

This years collection of photos of the Tawatinaw valley is now up in the gallery. Check it out!


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Autumn Black and White

Tawatinaw Aside

Tawatinaw Aside

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Photograph what attracts you.


Tawatinaw Valley, Alberta

This is a painterly image, with no software ‘paint’ effects added. Thousands of photographers have been attracted to the contrast of white birch or aspen trunks against a deeper forest background–you see them all the time in galleries, magazines and calendars. Should that ubiquitousness, that familiarity stop you from trying? Of course not. Take the photographs that attract you, even if it means copying another person’s idea. But don’t stop there. Explore the scene for different compositions and better perspectives. Try some new techniques, break a few rules. Who knows what you may come up with?

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Last Scheduled Workshop for 2015!

Introduction to Close-up and Macro Photography

Totaling 11 hours, this course covers all the macro essentials. We meet at the Centre for the Arts and Communication at MacEwan University on Thursday, October 1 for three hours to cover equipment, accessories, composition and basic skills. The following Saturday we will visit a natural area (or Muttart Conservatory) for 5 hours to practice macro techniques on a variety of subjects. Finally, on Tuesday, October 5 we meet again for 3 hours at the university to do photo and assignment reviews, share image processing tips and then take a brief look at more advanced techniques.

From the MacEwan University Continuing Ed Course Calendar:

Take a closer look at the wonder and diversity of nature with macro photography. Learn to capture amazing detail of flowers, fungi, insects and more with this hands-on workshop and location shoot. Working with natural light and electronic flash; you will learn various techniques to make the most out of magnification. Demonstrations, assignments and image discussions focus on both the art and skills of macro photography as well providing tips for low-cost equipment alternatives. Prerequisite(s): DSLR camera, SLR I or a good understanding of manual mode required. Participants are responsible for transportation and entrance fees to the location site.

Visit the MacEwan website for registration information.

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Showy Asclepias


I came across a plot of this showy milkweed (Asclepias speciosa)  while exploring the Devonian Botanic Garden just west of Edmonton. They were in a section of the garden called ‘Plants of Alberta’, just on the north side of the Calla Water (see map). I have to say that I was impressed–no dainty wildflowers these! They are strong upright plants with silvery green foliage and I would love to have a patch of these in our sunny front garden, even if they were not in bloom. They can grow to 5′ tall and seem to be tolerant of a wide variety of conditions from moist to dry. These are the go-to plants for Monarch butterflies, a rarity in Alberta, but it will still draw in many other insects and hummingbirds to feed on nectar. Destined for my garden very soon!

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Garden Visitor

Young squirrels have begun entertaining us in the garden this year.

Lovely back-lighting as it basks in the sun.

Lovely backlighting as it basks in the sun.

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