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Deep Sleeper

Sleeeper Car HDR

I tend to neglect this blog, not out of lack of interest, but only because developing macro workshops and running Splendour Awaits takes up so much of my time. For a short while, I am back. I have finally recovered my hard-drive from a crash that occurred two weeks ago, and can continue uploading photos to my galleries. Here is another image from the Alberta Railway Museum, in one of the publicly accessible sleeper cars. I love how the angle of the incoming light shows the metallic sleeper panels differently, although they are actually the same colour. See more from the railway museum in the gallery.

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Channeled Light


When you walk along the steep western shores of parts of the island, the coastal rain forest is like a wall above you. But in some spots a creek has carved a gully for itself, an opening in the wall where no trees grow. That channel allows a stream of light to come through.

(15 July, 2013. Somewhere along the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Canon 5D Mk II with EF 24-105mm F4 L lens set at 50mm. ISO 50, f22)

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Devil’s Club

Devil's Club20130718_0001-2

(Mt. Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia. Canon 5D MKII with EF 16-35mm f2.8 L lens, HDR by Nik)

Milk River Morning: Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Milk River, Alberta

Pull to Activate

Railway Museum of Alberta

Detail found at the Railway Museum of Alberta

by Adrian Thysse

A Closer View

Sink in the ladies washroom, NAR passenger car "Westlock"

Sink in the ladies washroom, NAR passenger car “Westlock”

As priorities evolve and my niche in macro photography as a business begins to expand, I will be spending more time using macro and close-up techniques to explore other areas beyond insects and spiders. Splendour Awaits will continue to support the natural side of photography (bugs, wildflowers, fungi and more), while on this blog (which I have unfortunately ignored) I will begin to spend more time in the realm of the works of humanity. I will continue to show the images of my travels – landscapes, rural and historic scenes and the occasional look at industry – but on the whole I will be spending more time looking at the world with a closer view.



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