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As I have said before, outside of macro nature photography, one of my favourite photography jaunts is strolling through old junk or antique stores and finding interesting ‘as-is’ subjects and vignettes. The challenge is to […]

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Great Sandhills revisited

In 2009 I did my first solo photographic trip. The destination was the Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan, and the resulting photographs formed the basis of my first magazine article with Photo Life. It didn’t cause […]

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The Last Table-top Class was all Wet…

After the flu delayed the last class of the Table-top course for a week, I was afraid that some of the momentum may have been lost. But, heck no, everyone showed up and we had an […]

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Entering the Dark Side

  Next in the Table-top course, working with darkfield lighting. Not just a black background, this technique is also favored by microscopists to reveal detail in translucent subjects.

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Old Poplar

Bowl on black velvet, in window light only. See the “…wormy poplar deadfall…” this came from, and how it was made at Adrian Thysse Photography.

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Welmy 6

Product photography is probably the most common type of Table-top photography. This Welmy 6L is an example of a subject on a seamless background, with lighting arranged to form a gradual darkening gradient on the background, […]

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Quan Yin has a double chin…

…perhaps she’s earned it, being the Goddess of Mercy. This image shows how featuring a foreground subject with a out-of-focus background adds depth to an image, and–in this case–without making the background totally obscure. I am […]

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My Biggest Table-top Subject

This is much bigger than my usual table set-up. However, I improvised, and in combination with an old fluorescent light-table, a sheet of translucent acrylic, electronic flash and the use of 3 different types of […]

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