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Agriculture and Oil

I have launched a new project gallery today, to be part of project that features images that show where two of Alberta’s sources of revenue cross paths. Oil and agriculture: one we cannot live with, the other […]

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Winter Inspiration

Winter in Alberta. With the long, cold  nights and frigid days, it’s easy to get into a creative slump. With Christmas holidays approaching, why not look for a mental refresher at your local art gallery? […]

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Stepping Back

Autumn in the prairie. Abandoned farm house, the fields now filled with tawny grasses and silvery sage. A chained gate is no barrier for the ghosts of this place. There is no isolation from Time. […]

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Falling behind, looking ahead…

I’ve been caught up in a few volunteer projects, and the winter that held so much promise for catching up with delayed work is now dwindling. Already I am itching to get out in the […]

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Red Rock Coulee in southern Alberta is a place for Wonder. This particular exposure, and variations of it, keep drawing me back. Despite the massive boulder anchoring the photograph, the shattered remnant of another rock […]

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