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My Olympus OM Era

Continuing from In the Beginning, with more nostalgia… The Olympus OM-2 was the first in a set of tools that allowed me to begin taking true macro photographs. Handed down to me by my father in the […]

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Composition: Assessing the Subject

Previous article in this series: What is ‘Composition’?  Unless you are a dedicated ‘snapshooter’ (a grab-shottist?), photography is a mind game. While not all subjects give you time to go through a long process to determine […]

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Welmy 6

Product photography is probably the most common type of Table-top photography. This Welmy 6L is an example of a subject on a seamless background, with lighting arranged to form a gradual darkening gradient on the background, […]

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Ellis Bird Farm Photography Workshops

Two repeat workshops are happening at the lovely Ellis Bird Farm in August! Tuesday, August 5, 9AM to 4PM: Introduction to Photography with the Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) For new and prospective owners of a […]

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Book View — Beyond Auto Mode by Jennifer Bebb

Mystified by the dials on your DSLR? Have you ever wondered why so many choices are available, when Auto seems to work for most situations? Released early in 2013, Beyond Auto Mode by Jennifer Bebb is a […]

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Nikon’s Newest Full Frame Df DSLR’s Released…

…and they look so good! Click on images for more info…  

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The Photographic Quickie

    For someone who does not photograph full time, there is the danger of allowing your skills to become rusty:  your technique, your eye for design and your dedication may falter in direct proportion […]

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