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Tawatinaw Gallery

This years collection of photos of the Tawatinaw valley is now up in the gallery. Check it out!

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Heavy Metal Fatigue

This year, most of my photography has been directed at macro in nature, but I did manage one trip outside my usual boundaries when I went to Aldon Auto with photographer Larry Jang of J2 […]

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Railway Decay

My main use for macro is nature photography, particualry the phtography of insects, spiders and other invertebrates. But macro is good for bringing out the detail in almost anything. In this case a simple painted […]

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Stepping Back

Autumn in the prairie. Abandoned farm house, the fields now filled with tawny grasses and silvery sage. A chained gate is no barrier for the ghosts of this place. There is no isolation from Time. […]

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Nature Rising

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