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My Olympus OM Era

Continuing from In the Beginning, with more nostalgia… The Olympus OM-2 was the first in a set of tools that allowed me to begin taking true macro photographs. Handed down to me by my father in the […]

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In the beginning…

I entered  photography in the 1970’s while living in South Africa. Just a teen, I was lucky to receive as my first camera an old Exa (version 4, manufactured between 1956 and 1959) that my […]

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Canon EOS 5D Mk IV Review Roundup

  I was a late adopter of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the first DSLR to include 1920×1080 HD video capabilities. I purchased it 3 years after it’s 2008 release, just when the prices […]

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Canon 6D with Rokinon 85mm f1.4

This isn’t a full-fledged review, only a quick overview of a combination I have begun using. The Canon 6D is a full frame DSLR with respectable low-light capabilities. I wanted to add to this a fast […]

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Composition: Finding the Frame

Previous article in this series: Assessing the Subject “Finding the frame” seems to be what composition is all about, but it is different because it concerns the image ‘container’ rather than how elements inside the […]

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Composition: Assessing the Subject

Previous article in this series: What is ‘Composition’?  Unless you are a dedicated ‘snapshooter’ (a grab-shottist?), photography is a mind game. While not all subjects give you time to go through a long process to determine […]

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The photo you have vs. the photo you wanted

When you understand photography and your camera intimately, you are more likely to get the photographs you want. Newcomers to photography are often disappointed by their results because the excitement provided by the subject has […]

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Photography and Composition

This is the first part of a free course for beginners who want to increase their understanding of image composition. Almost every workshop I hold has a composition component which I tie into the subject […]

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