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What is Composition?

Previous article: Photography and Composition In the visual arts, ‘composition’ is the arrangement of elements within a work. In photography, good composition supports the subject and makes it more visually appealing. Depending on the motivation […]

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The Intimate Landscape

While the ‘grande landscape‘ may be more satisfying to a general audience, I find myself more and more attracted to smaller scenes within the larger landscape. The definition of ‘intimate landscape’ is not firm, but […]

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Winter Inspiration

Winter in Alberta. With the long, cold  nights and frigid days, it’s easy to get into a creative slump. With Christmas holidays approaching, why not look for a mental refresher at your local art gallery? […]

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Framing a Photograph for Gallery Display

One method that art galleries use to provide a uniform display of a variety of prints is to call for the image to be framed in a simple narrow black metal frame with a generous […]

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